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At VidFall, our goal is to get you the best savings on the internet simply by watching entertaining videos.
Check out our video and read below to learn how you can start saving on everyday purchases with VidFall.

So how does VidFall work?

Step 1

Click “Reduce Price” to enter a deal.

Want to discount the price of the product even more? Click Reduce Price to enter a deal room, and each video you watch will drop the price and create a better deal. Remember, other “watchers” want the deal too, and the first person to buy gets the deal!


“Watchers” is the number of people currently viewing this deal.


This is the number of items remaining in this particular deal.
Step 1
Step 2

Each Video You Watch
Decreases the Price.

Upon entering the deal page, a video advertisement will begin to play. Each time you complete a video, the price of this item falls!
Step 2
Step 3

Click «Buy Now» and
Claim the Deal!

Be the first to purchase the item and get the entire group discount! VidFall is fun, competitive, and engaging! Start an account today with VidFall by clicking the link seen below.
Step 3

Get Access with
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to VidFall's terms of service.