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What is VidFall?

VidFall is home to the ultimate video experience. From online events hosted by the internet’s top Creators, to the latest trending videos surfaced daily, it's a place for creators, curators, fans and brands to rally around videos, product releases, movies & more.

Can you tell me more about LIVE?

Every day, VidFall holds live-stream video events hosted by YouTube, Twitch and social media Creators. All of these events are sponsored by brands. Join an event to hang out with Creators, learn about new games, products and movies and even win discounts and giveaways!

Can you tell me more about TRENDING?

Trending is where you’ll find the latest trending videos on the internet, all curated and created by the VidFall community on a daily basis. Videos are then ranked by the community with an up vote system.

How do I become a Curator?

Right now, new Curators are brought in on a referral basis from existing community members. If you know a Curator or Creator on VidFall, ask them to send a referral to We’re working hard to support more Curators on our platform, so if you don’t have a referral, please select the “+” button on the top right of the Trending page and select to join our waiting list. New Curators will be added on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I become a Creator?

Right now, new Creators are brought into VidFall on a referral basis from existing community members. If you know a Curator or Creator on VidFall, ask them to send a referral to We’re working hard to support more Creators on our platform, so if you don’t have a referral and if you think one of your videos should definitely be posted to VidFall, please send us a personal message at

What kind of videos do you allow on VidFall?

Currently, all video submissions need to be hosted on YouTube. We allow all kinds of videos, as long as they meet YouTube’s TOS and as long as they’ve been posted to YouTube within 48 hours.

What about older videos?

Since VidFall showcases the latest trending videos, all videos posted need to be within 48 hours of their posting to YouTube.

I created a video! Can I post it myself?

Absolutely! Part of our mission is to help Creators grow their audience, so we welcome submissions by all Creators.

How are videos ranked?

Videos are ranked by an up vote system, fueled by the VidFall community.

Why are videos removed?

Videos are removed if they are duplicate, offensive, or in violation of our Terms. If you think a video was removed in error, please send us a note at

A video that I created is already on VidFall. How can I join the discussion?

Great question. If someone has posted a video that you’ve created, send us a note at We’ll make sure you get credit as a Creator.

How do you select a Creator for an Live Event?

We work with the sponsor to select an appropriate Creator to host the event. This decision is made on a number of factors, but all VidFall Creators are eligible to be chosen. We then reach out to the Creator and see if they’d like to participate.

What does the C badge represent?

The C badge is designed to highlight our Creators. Without them, Live and Trending would not exist. We are also working on a way to highlight our Curators and other members, because they are extremely important as well.

Is there a VidFall mobile app?

Not yet, but it’s coming soon. Want to be on our beta list? Send us a note at

What is Express Checkout?

Setting up Express Checkout allows you to purchase items in Live Events more quickly. This ensures you won’t miss out on a deal.

What are Rewards Points?

Rewards Points allow you to enter contests and drop prices of items during our Live Events. You can earn Rewards Points by inviting your friends to VidFall.

What is the Daily Bonus?

The Daily Bonus is a series of actions you can take to help spread the word about VidFall and our partner brands. You’ll earn Rewards Points for completing the Daily Bonus each day.

What are Contests?

We hold contests each week, and to enter, you use your Rewards Points. Winners are notified by email and announced on our Facebook and Twitter. Need more info? Check out our Contest Rules.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

Great question. Here is our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service.

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